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About us

Moyne sawmill was established in 1989 , on our hill farm in the west of Scotland.

We specialize in taking in native hardwood trees, which have primarily been cleared for building/construction projects around Scotland, once here we process them into boards which get stacked and stored to air dry, one year per inch thickness, they are placed in a kiln to finish the drying process, once kiln dried the boards are ready for use, either as planed kiln dried boards for DIY customers who have their own projects, such as coffee tables, floating shelves, mantle, mirrors or other pieces of furniture, alternatively we make our own range of furniture, natural edged tables and chairs, book cases, and mirrors, as well as bar tops, mantles, floating shelves and window seats and sills.

Our boards are stored in climate controlled sheds, one for off saw boards and another store for planed boards. Customers are able to look through the stock which is all labeled and priced as well as showing the area of where the tree grew.

We take pride in bringing in trees destined for firewood and turning them into characterful pieces of beautiful timber, furniture such as dining tables with or without natural edges made from Scottish hardwoods are truly one of a kind, with some of the most stunning grain, due to the Scottish weather the short growing seasons, windy weather both create distinct characteristics in timber.

We have a long tradition of being involved in the sawmill industry, as well as agriculture. My great step grandfather was a time served saw-miller for the Singer sewing Co in Glasgow, my Grandfather after working with Barnes Wallace during the war, set up his own sawmill in Aberfeldy ultimately supplying Perthshire farmers with boxes for potatoes, which my uncle continued on with until the nineties.

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